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Take Control of Your Leader Development

You face another epic decision at work, everyone is looking at you, you feel that the wrong move could be disastrous. At Growing at Work, we help you develop yourself and your team to see the wealth of options and strategies around you to help you thrive in your most challenging moments. We support your development by creating a personalized master course developed to meet your unique leader development needs. Join Growing at Work’s Beta Partners, move beyond simple behaviors and mindset changes that are taught at traditional leadership courses, and move towards your holistic psychological development. 

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Inspired by Human Development

When People Grow, Organizations Thrive.

Personal development is the game changer.

The meaning of work is changing. Today’s generation ranks personal learning and leadership development as their top priority in selecting their next job.  We take the best research in adult developmental psychology and apply it to the workplace to help those we work with achieve their personal and business goals.  There are a number of outlier companies who have seen incredible jumps in revenue based on their dedicated focus to people development.

Next Jump was near insolvency in the early 2000s. Now, with under 200 employees, they are worth Billions.

Bridgewater is the top hedge fund in the world, with over $160 Billion in assets, due to their focus on radical transparency.

Wellmed, an elder healthcare company, grew 3x and lowered their employee turn-over from 20% to 11% in 4 years.

Decurion, owner of ArcLight Cinemas and Robertsons Property grew by 72% to $81 Billion over 4 years by engaging in these practices.

Frazier & Deeter, an international accounting firm, is changing how they do business and are accelerating their client portfolio.

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Their Core Beliefs

Weakness is a Potential Asset

Learning Benefits from Transparency

How would your workplace be different if everyone shared and learned from each other’s mistakes.

Better Me + Better You = Better Us

Development Requires Support

Imagine the benefit of your team possessing the skill to support each other’s massive development.

All Adults Have the Ability to Grow

Have a Growth Mindset

If your company instilled a sense of personal growth and development, what could you accomplish?

Failing is an Opportunity for Growth

Allow People to Take Certain Risks

What if your people saw themselves, others, and the organization as a “work in progress”?

 These Companies All Benefit From

High Retention

Soaring Revenue

Strong Managers

Dynamic Teams

Get started on your personal and organizational development.

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What We Do

Transformative Online Leadership Courses

We provide personalized and already created in-depth courses in leadership development. See our latest master course in leader development titled, Defining Your Leadership. Our personalized course in leader development leverages machine learning to identify the best resource to fit your personal leader development needs. Check it out here.

Internal Leader Development Programs

We have partnered with U.S. Military Universities, nonprofits, and corporations to support their ability to create lasting positive change in their leaders. We model our programs off top leader development courses and degree programs at Harvard University to maximize personal change. Partner with our experts to support your design and/or facilitation of these internal programs.


Growing at Work Coaching is designed to help you achieve lasting change. Leaders at all levels face countless challenges that keep us from achieving our goals. Many of our challenges are our own internal resistance to change. Our Coaches use the Immunity to Change™ framework that has demonstrated an incredible ability to help clients be free from their most challenging internal obstacles. Our clients describe seeing a bigger more expansive world.

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We have Supported People At

Our Participants

“I came into the program assuming that I would learn how to utilize my strengths at the workplace and that, to do so, I would be given some form of revolutionary framework. Never did I think that the answer to my problems was sitting right under my nose from the beginning. Authority isn’t a prerequisite to practicing leadership! Adam explained that our negative assumptions are embedded deep within us. One phrase that especially resonated with me – “I always thought that I am my thoughts.” When he said this, it hit me that I was actually limiting myself by my assumptions and that because I am not a person of authority, I there fore cannot pursue my aspirations and convince other people to join the cause of social change.”

Jonathan Ding

“It was attending Adam’s Transformational Leadership Workshop that had the most impact on me. I fervently believe this experience has helped me find a direction with a redirected purpose. This workshop was about learning to envision a growth mindset and awareness of one’s values that has shaped them. To me, it was a stimulating journey, which stayed true to its title. Adam’s sessions succeeded in getting me to reflect on improving and transforming myself towards my individual leadership path. To my astonishment, my worldview has been positively redesigned. This program showed that everyone is capable of becoming a transformational leader, by empowering themselves and those around them. In this rejuvenating workshop, I was more than eager to conquer my fears to make a change for the better. I have become conscious that the basis of such leadership is about allowing the people you lead to grow personally and passionately to find their goals. A leader encourages independence in their people, creates a sense of belonging or connectedness for them to internalize, and provide them with challenging and attainable information or work.”

Priyadharshini Ahrumugam

“During the workshop, I learned that in order to transform, I first needed to learn more about myself – my motivations, my roles, and my values.  When I delved deeper, I saw how much of my true self I had hidden under these layers of uniformity, in order to fit in. Worse, over time I had become who I was pretending to be. This reflection became the starting point for me to learn something new about myself. It still amazes me that a simple exercise could have led to such a huge discovery. It started me on a journey to find my true self, to peel off the layers I had plastered on in order to conform. The program was not just about leadership. It was also about self-development and personal awareness.”

Josephine Lim

Psychological Development

Empirical research conducted at Harvard and confirmed at many other institutions is identified a clear trend. Adults have the potential to continue to grow psychologically. Over time, we have the potential to see ourselves and the world around us in far greater complexity. Most importantly, we researched studies have identified a correlation between higher levels of adult psychological development and more successful leaders. While this type of development is possible, most adults plateau and stagnate for most of their lives.  Your team and your organization can be different; learn how to foster the psychological development at work.

Help Your People See a Bigger more Nuanced World

Support Yourself and Your People in:

  • finding one’s own authentic leadership voice.
  • seeing greater complexity to better inform decision making.
  • becoming super mentors to grow stronger talent from within.
  • overcoming past conditioning and quirks, to be able to improve collaboration, team work, and leadership.

Emotional Intelligence

In our complex and challenging workplace we are often swept up in conflicting emotions and motivations.  Once we are swept up in these internal conflicts, it is easy to get disoriented and to begin to move away from our goals. Cultivating your and your people’s ability to understand the origin of their emotions and motivations is essential to make the best decisions. Most importantly culture, reward systems, and leadership behaviors may support or harm the emotional development of your people. Your leadership can instill higher levels of emotional intelligence in those around you.

Emotional Intelligence and Agility is the Best Predictor of Success

Support Yourself and Your People in Developing:

  • an improved self-awareness and ability to identify when emotions are inhibiting success.
  • an ability to maximize emotional energy to build more grit and resilience.
  • the ability to overcome past negative events that have perpetuated harmful beliefs.
  • becoming leaders who foster emotional development, for the betterment of each other and the organization.


Mindfulness is the ability to move past the control and distraction of an internal monologue and/or emotional state. Taking time to rest your mind from constant thought, simply to exist and recharge allows one to engage in work and life’s critical moments with a greater level of clarity. Mindfulness allows us to disassociate from our inner critic, which for many acts as an inhibitor preventing them from peak performance. Learning how to make mindfulness a part of your culture and to integrate it into your organization’s daily work can support your people’s transformation into more stable employees and leaders.

The best leaders are those that are with you, not dwelling in the future or the past.

Support Yourself and Your People in:

  • being able to mindfully listen and engage with others building stronger trust, empathy, and a more powerful team.
  • reducing stress in our lives, to maximize performance at work and in our relationships.
  • becoming more stable leaders who are more resilient and can face the toughest challenge with grace.
  • progressing our ability to internalize the fact that we are not the voice in our heads. 

Outer Game

We define Outer Game as the tangible solutions and executing them. While some actions require inner development (psychologically, emotionally, and mindfully) there are so many actions we can take right now. Leadership is action, not position. There are some actions that are common in our culture that we use that unknowingly lead to a less motivated workforce. We pull from the best in motivation and performance research to empower leaders from the first meeting to leverage practices that raise the bar of what is possible for your organization.

Engineer a Higher Performing Workforce

Build a New Normal in Your Team that:

  • leverages a motivational framework to maximize performance and growth within the organization.
  • enable your people to lessen controlling behaviors to get more of the right shit done.
  • spread culture development organically at the grassroots level.
  • building a culture of autonomy, enabling higher levels of innovation and the potential for creating new opportunities.

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